February 15, 2017

Paris sketching on site...

After a long and unusually cold winter for us, we got a warm and sunny day with a great taste of spring today! I just love those first days with that feeling, although this one came a little early.
I'm glad I managed to get myself out to paint to celebrate the fact that you could actually sit outside without getting stiff by the cold.
I admit that even in great conditions I was a little "rusty" this first "on site sketching", but I hope I can continue this and feel more confident later on. Here I was on top of a building with a wide view. Just turning my head and the possibilities are huge and one better not to be in a hurry. At the end of my session it started to darken with clouds out west...

December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas!...

.... running out ouf time suddenly!!
Hoping my simple wish make a difference for someone; I wish the best these days and for the coming year.
I also have another message about thinking of not consuming endlessly unnecessarily, try to keep our planet as clean as we can. Make a list of what we can do better and try to keep to that. We all have to do our best if we want our planet to be kind to us...
as I have no time left this is a recycled Christmas card, my wish being just as strong hopefully it will reach you anyway! Merry Christmas!

December 21, 2016

Moleskine pages from the Louvre II...

As I hoped I could go back to the Louvre today as they were open late this evening.
Next time I might try my bigger Moleskine. Hoping it's paper is the same as in this one as I bought it some time ago. This smaller sketchbook is quite new and it appears to be easier to use watercolor on it's paper now, as the quality has changed. Before the water didn't adhere to it, it was like greasy and not very uniform all over. But now it's a little better without that problem. The watercolors stay on the surface a little and that usually suites me. Of course it's not a watercolor paper and it can be tricky at first, but you can get a glowy effect in the light thanks to it's cream color.

December 19, 2016

Back to the Louvre...

Time flies and days run away.
I finally went back to the Louvre today.
I've had a few days off painting, this doesn't mean I don't think about it and I've found out the importance of the fact to have an idea or goal for each session, specially the ones at the museum. If I do just try to draw a copy of whatever scene I get terribly lost in my process, and bored. Although it could be seen like exercising, I better have another goal more than that. Now, having that in mind it's much more motivating and I already feel like going back after tomorrow.
(I should take the time to set my scan right, light is a little strong and it tends to reduce the reds in some parts.)

November 11, 2016

Moleskine pages from the Louvre I...

I needed a change today, also felt the urgence to start drawing again to get happier. It works actually! I feel the need to draw seriously and more regularly since a while now. The subtilities or expressional  strength only come with work and practice. When you draw less, or go back to it after a break, it's like picking up a physical exercice. You suffer.

November 03, 2016

"Still life with apples and rowanberries"...

A still life study with my students. After having studied apples alone in the beginning of the term, this time branches with leaves were added to start thinking about the surroundings of the subject. This is easier to do when there is something to play with, like leaves and branches. But it's still not so easy in the beginning. You can make soft leaves, sharp leaves, dark or light leaves, positive or negative leaves to create interest and atmosphere. To think and see negative and positive shapes is important and it becomes an habit with practice. From that point on you are able to see "the whole" and not only isolated objects.